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My thoughts about the iPhone.

Annoying iPad Keyboard dock

So Steve Jobs made the following quote yesterday:

With respect to multitouch gestures, Jobs said that Apple’s research has shown that multitouch doesn’t work on a vertical screen. “For a notebook, that’s why we’ve perfected our multitouch trackpads over the years,” Jobs said. “That’s the best way we’ve found to get multitouch into a notebook.”

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the iPad Keyboard dock does.  In addition to not being able to dock the iPad, apparently it’s really not good for you.  To be fair, I thought the combination of touch/keyboard usage on the iPad was already crap.  Good to know that Apple feels the same.

Which points to my big feature request for Apple for the keyboard interaction.  I want more more more.  I want command-tab to switch between the running (or even most recently used) applications.  I want the down arrow to work after I searched for something in Safari so that I can pick a search term.  (Same applies for url typing).  And so on.

Come on Jobs.   I know you’re reading this blog.

WWDC keynote upcoming thoughts

Well, the keynote will take place in a couple hours and though I find myself in California, I’m not at the Moscone Center standing in line. Though I think the keynote and the whole conference is a fun event, I’m happy to not have the stress of working on a must-do side project.

All that being said, I think I will write down my predictions and see how I do. To be fair, I have read a lot of the web sites and it is only 3 hours before the keynote, but better late than never.

I think we will see the following bits related to an iPhone:

  • 32GB storage
  • Increased RAM: 256M total with half available for developer usage
  • Video features (video recording and perhaps a second/swivel camera for chat)
  • Faster Processor
  • Magnetometer
  • Some preview of background processes
  • New app organizer (either via iTunes or actively on the device) — Personally I’m hoping for a ‘today’ screen when the device is locked.  I really think that would be quite useful.
  • More APIs to in the SDK: iCal event programming, address book features, etc.

Do I think that Steve Jobs will show up?  I tend to doubt it, but it might make an appearance and show something if Phil Schiller does a ‘One More Thing’.  It would be a strong ending into what might otherwise be a lame keynote.

Back to the land of the iPhone

Well, I went about a week+ to see how my life would be without the light of the iPhone.  I was hemming and hawing quite a bit on whether or not get a new iPhone.   Why? Here are the reasons:

  1. I need more space than 16GB to just store my music and only the iPod Touch was being sold with that amount of memory. What would be the point of upgrading if I still can’t have all of my music on the device?
  2. You say the new iPhone has GPS. But Apple did such a good job with the upgraded software that the cell/wifi location mechanisms work pretty awesomely. So much so that the Apple Store guy last night was trying to convince us that the Touch had a GPS chip (which it doesn’t).
  3. For some reason, they no longer bundled the SMS plan in the monthly data plan. Now I wouldn’t have minded so much if Apple had delivered the Push Notification Service; alas, that project has blown up and so SMS or email is the only way to get notified if those applications are not in the foreground.

So why did I break down and get a new iPhone last night? Here are the reasons:

  1. The major reason was predicated on the fact that I had an old iPhone and feature to feature it was good enough.
  2. Have you tried SMS on an old style phone? It’s brutal. T9 helps, but the menu navigation is really tough.
  3. I miss the alarm system. I was forgetting to do things because my alarms weren’t firing.
  4. I couldn’t play games on the train.
  5. For listening to music, I had an old classic classic iPod and that was annoying because the pause button on the headset didn’t work. I still had to unlock it and use the wheel.
  6. It would be more convenient to do iPhone development rather than just using the simulator. That being said, I probably could have borrowed the girlfriend’s iPhone, but I wasn’t really comfortable with that.
  7. I had to use the Apple TV IR remote which just isn’t as cool or usesful as the Remote program

Were there an positives of the old phone?

  1. SMS messages were sent faster. Took about 1 second whereas an iPhone takes a couple seconds (probably just to animate that bar).
  2. I don’t get the double SMS message, which seemed to plague the iPhone
  3. My battery charge lasted most of a week.

Final thoughts? Well, the week was rough but I made it. I was kind of disappointed that the Apple Retail Store dude didn’t know the product line. And yes, I locked my iPhone with the code and the erase after 10 retries so that I won’t have to worry about my data again.

Farewell iPhone — I hardly knew ya

Well, today I got my iPhone stolen.

To say that I’m angry doesn’t really tell the whole tale.  I use the device for a lot.  Hopefully at this point, I’ve disabled all the accounts/passwords/etc. that are on the device.  Let me tell you.  I’m feeling pretty stupid for not having the pin code + erase after 10 bad pins settings enabled.  I really don’t like the idea that someone else can see all of my data.

But wait, you say, doesn’t AT&T already know if the phone is being used and can’t they triangulate to find them?  Can’t Apple use the serial id of the phone to see when it’s connecting on a wifi hotspot?  The answer is of course they could, but they don’t want to get into all the privacy violation scenarios (at least that is my guess).  I can’t even do a remote wipe because it isn’t an enterprise phone.  I thought the whole point of Mobile Me was that it would be exchange for the masses.  Well, I’m part of the masses and not being able to do that just tweaks me.

Anyway, in the hopes that Apple/AT&T will actually put some procedures in place to find the device in the future, here is the relevant info:

serial No. IMEI
7S726MT0WH8 011245002821849

Update All is back

I’m not sure of the exact firmware update, but at some point “Update All” was removed from the App Store. With apps updating all the time, it was incredibly annoying to have to click and wait for the app to download/install before being able to click again. With firmware 2.2 it appears that Apple has heard the pleas of all the users who have installed apps that appear to be heavily updated. To be sure, there are more updates than I would expect (and I know those iTasteWine users are anxiously awaiting more functionality), but that’s no reason to penalize people who want to update.
Anyway, I had four apps update yesterday and I used the “Update All” magic and the world was good again.