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News about the Wine Tool application suite.

iTasteWine submitted

Yesterday morning, I submitted iTasteWine 1.0 to Apple.  I’m currently crossing my fingers that everything will be approved.  In case you don’t know what that is, it is an app for the iPhone that manages wine tastings (and a whole lot more).  Be sure to check out the iTunes page on release for screen shots and full app features.


Though bare bones right now, there will be more information showing up at the iTasteWine web site.

WWDC coming soon

I’m heading out to San Francisco this Sunday(June 9) to attend Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2008. Basically, I’m pretty pumped as I haven’t been to a tech conference for a long time. Back to the days of Java One (when venture capital money was flowing like water).

I plan to post at least a daily summary of the activities.

What do I hope to accomplish?

  • learn more about general programming for mac and iPhone (I already know objc so not too much to learn there)
  • tune my new iPhone app WineTool (or WineKnows if you ask the girlfriend) — I’m hoping that Apple engineers and design specialists will offer some insights into giving the app a lot of ‘pop’.
  • meet other objc iPhone geeks