Farewell iPhone — I hardly knew ya

Well, today I got my iPhone stolen.

To say that I’m angry doesn’t really tell the whole tale.  I use the device for a lot.  Hopefully at this point, I’ve disabled all the accounts/passwords/etc. that are on the device.  Let me tell you.  I’m feeling pretty stupid for not having the pin code + erase after 10 bad pins settings enabled.  I really don’t like the idea that someone else can see all of my data.

But wait, you say, doesn’t AT&T already know if the phone is being used and can’t they triangulate to find them?  Can’t Apple use the serial id of the phone to see when it’s connecting on a wifi hotspot?  The answer is of course they could, but they don’t want to get into all the privacy violation scenarios (at least that is my guess).  I can’t even do a remote wipe because it isn’t an enterprise phone.  I thought the whole point of Mobile Me was that it would be exchange for the masses.  Well, I’m part of the masses and not being able to do that just tweaks me.

Anyway, in the hopes that Apple/AT&T will actually put some procedures in place to find the device in the future, here is the relevant info:

serial No. IMEI
7S726MT0WH8 011245002821849

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