Annoying iPad Keyboard dock

So Steve Jobs made the following quote yesterday:

With respect to multitouch gestures, Jobs said that Apple’s research has shown that multitouch doesn’t work on a vertical screen. “For a notebook, that’s why we’ve perfected our multitouch trackpads over the years,” Jobs said. “That’s the best way we’ve found to get multitouch into a notebook.”

Unfortunately, this is exactly what the iPad Keyboard dock does.  In addition to not being able to dock the iPad, apparently it’s really not good for you.  To be fair, I thought the combination of touch/keyboard usage on the iPad was already crap.  Good to know that Apple feels the same.

Which points to my big feature request for Apple for the keyboard interaction.  I want more more more.  I want command-tab to switch between the running (or even most recently used) applications.  I want the down arrow to work after I searched for something in Safari so that I can pick a search term.  (Same applies for url typing).  And so on.

Come on Jobs.   I know you’re reading this blog.

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