WWDC keynote upcoming thoughts

Well, the keynote will take place in a couple hours and though I find myself in California, I’m not at the Moscone Center standing in line. Though I think the keynote and the whole conference is a fun event, I’m happy to not have the stress of working on a must-do side project.

All that being said, I think I will write down my predictions and see how I do. To be fair, I have read a lot of the web sites and it is only 3 hours before the keynote, but better late than never.

I think we will see the following bits related to an iPhone:

  • 32GB storage
  • Increased RAM: 256M total with half available for developer usage
  • Video features (video recording and perhaps a second/swivel camera for chat)
  • Faster Processor
  • Magnetometer
  • Some preview of background processes
  • New app organizer (either via iTunes or actively on the device) — Personally I’m hoping for a ‘today’ screen when the device is locked.  I really think that would be quite useful.
  • More APIs to in the SDK: iCal event programming, address book features, etc.

Do I think that Steve Jobs will show up?  I tend to doubt it, but it might make an appearance and show something if Phil Schiller does a ‘One More Thing’.  It would be a strong ending into what might otherwise be a lame keynote.

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