iPhone apps — next steps

So now that I have finished rev 1.0 of my first official iPhone app, I ponder which app is next.  Assuming I get some love for the first app, I will of course keep adding features.  I have a ton in mind, but I would like to base future functionality more on feedback rather than just do whatever peaks my fancy.

From an *easy* point of view, I could create iTasteBeer (or something like it since that domain is already taken).  In a lot of ways, it makes sense; however, I think it would have to change a bit because beer is simpler and there would have to be more value added screens.

I’m still amazed that someone hasn’t written an address book app that ‘beams’ contact info from one iPhone to another.  It’s pretty easy, and I might do it because I think it’s so useful.

I had started a prototype of iRemote.  This was before apple released Remote (which I must say is pretty cool for all the music management).  The goal of this was to create a universal remote with state (very similar to what logitech harmony does.  I had this working with some special hardware that emits infra red and a java server.  This was done before I focused more fully on iTasteWine.  I’ve seen some interesting home automation iPhone apps come out, but nothing that would handle the scope of what I wanted to accomplish.


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