On the way to Sonoma

So the trip began with a flight delay. What was amusing/annoying was the reason for the delay. They claimed that there was too much fog in San Francisco so the flow rate into the airport was reduced. I get that. So we take off with a half hour delay. But then we arrive early! Very confusing.

Anyway, we then have the joy–nay, the privilege–to wait in line to pay for the rental car that we already paid via the Internet. Perhaps it’s the economy or maybe the status quo but it seems as though all of the salespeople were wearing suits in the hope that they can sell you more stuff that you would have bought already if you wanted it. I would go so far to say that the guy we had gave us the hard sell to NOT get an economy car because it didn’t have power locks or windows. Su and I both thought do they even make cars without power anything anymore? Suffice it to say that after we didn’t upgrade the guy who showed us to the car(also wearing a suit) tried to scare us to get the insurance fee protection (this isn’t insurance) which we also refused.

We met up with Don for an early dinner at Monks Kettle which is a great restaurant with 20 draft beers in the Mission district. Area looks a bit dodgy but hard to argue with the fare. Summary: pepper crusted bacon is awesome.

So as we stopped to figure out directions we turned on the hazard lights. Little did we know that we wouldn’t be able to turn them off(thank you automobile industry). Not wanting to spend the rest of the trip with the constant clicking and flashing we made our way back to the airport to get a new car. We traded our chevy ? for a Nissan versa. Jury is still out on whether or not we traded down.

And I almost forgot the best part. On the way back to the airport we were pulled over by the police because of the lights. At least we got a discount from Enterprise for the hassle.

Drive to Sonoma from that point was largely uninteresting other than Google Maps giving us the wrong directions for the last turn.

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