The Beatles keep rocking

So I was a bit despondent over the Bears losing on Sunday. What cheers me up the most? Hard to say but I do like music (and by association musicals). So I went to my trusty DVR and fired up ‘Across the Universe’ mean I kept meaning to watch but was never in the right mood. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Sure there were going to be Beatles remixes. (I had heard some of them from iTunes previewing already). But beyond that I really didn’t know.
Well, I have to say that I was really surprised and delighted with the movie. They really integrated the music with the ’60s counter-culture story they were trying to tell. I don’t know if all the actors did their own singing (because the dubbing looked funny and hey, that could be the delay on my DLP tv), but I really liked the story and my mood definitely was more upbeat.

To summarize the ‘Beatles aspect’ of the movie, you basically have a British guy(Paul Sturgess) who looks exactly like Paul McCartney (or George Harrison, honestly they all looked very similar with that haircut back then) he is named Jude. So go figure, somebody sings ‘Hey Jude’. Oddly enough, the lead female was named Lucy but there was only ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’ in the credits. I guess it’s like of like the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’ where they didn’t know how to fit in Bohemian Rhapsody in the story so they just sang it at the end because everyone wanted to hear the song. There were also characters named Prudence, Sadie, Max, etc.

Also in the news lately is that Harmonix (the makers of Rock Band) and the Beatles have signed an agreement so that their music will be available in some type of game/learning device in about a year. I love their music so I think this is pretty exciting news. Even though half of them are dead, music lives on and the Beatles keep rocking.

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