Heath Ledger is Oscar material

I just came back from a 3:30am showing of A Dark Knight and it did not disappoint. Though it was a bit on the long side, the movie packed a punch both in terms of action and acting.

The top actor was Heath Ledger. I’m sure there will be comparisons to Jack Nicholson’s Joker, but really, Ledger’s performance was just plain better. His mix of mannerisms and voice combined to create a dreadful, scary, clever character that kept you wondering what would happen next. And whatever it was, would be unexpected yet completely correct.

Though he may win the Oscar posthumously due to his drug overdose, that asterisk shouldn’t diminish the part he played.

This has been the summer of really, really great action movies. I thought the top movie would be Iron Man. The way that Robert Downey Jr. balanced comedy and action was unique. That being said, when compared to A Dark Knight, the movie seemed too simple. I haven’t seen the remake of The Incredible Hulk, but I have heard good things.

Anyway, my vote is cast. Hopefully, he won’t be forgotten at Oscar time.

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