WWDC 08 — Day 4 wrap up

I started the day with a session looking at the address book api. No big surprises, but I was excited to learn that I could leverage the ‘viewers/editors’ without actually saving the data to the database. I think that the ‘contact’ viewer/editor is actually a great ad-hoc widget which has applications outside of the address book space.

Next, I went to yet another session about debugging and profiling iphone programs with xcode and the associated tools. Session didn’t teach me too much, but occasionally you see some feature and go ‘yeah, that’s cool’. I left early so that I could ask all of my address book questions in the lab.

While in the lab, I met some guys that were doing professional iphone development(Kyle, Oskar). We talked a lot and their experiences and advice were very useful. Conversation went through most of lunch, so I ate quickly and headed to the next session.

Probably one of the first ‘not a beginner’ sessions was ‘Mastering View Controllers’. It wasn’t really mastering, but it was a refreshing change of pace from the ‘here is a view controller’ session.

I spent the rest of the day in the lab trying to improve the Wine Tool program. Well, until about 6:15 pm when the lab was closed for the party.

The party was at Yerba Buena gardens. It was crazy filled with people, which isn’t really surprising when you consider 5000+ attendees and associated apple engineers and related staff. I drank some crappy red wine and listened to the Bare Naked Ladies. They claimed to be Apple afficianados and were cracking jokes about Apple stuff all night. I liked their music and had a pretty good time (with the one exception of being really cold–San Francisco has crazy weather). I even got interviewed for some company in Santa Monica(I won’t be moving there any time soon). I bumped into Aaron and Curtis (and new guy Danny) at the end of party and we hit a bar (Dave’s). Let’s just say that I was over-served, but there were some good times.

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