I love the MacBook Air

So I’ve only been using it for a couple days. To boot, it’s not even mine (thanks Su!).

Why do I like it?

  • I have been blogging with it. It’s very portable and effortless to take out and use. Very useful when you are waiting around waiting to get into WWDC but still have wifi access.
  • I have been doing iPhone development on it via the simulator. All I can say is that it kicks the mini’s ass in terms of performance and usability. The processor speed of the Air is negligibly faster so I’m not sure why; all I can say is that I’m a very happy user.
  • It looks cool. I was chatting with this other guy about how the latest MacBook Pro is a beast. Sure it has ‘power’ but Apple really needs to refresh that line and put their high-end laptops on a diet.

’nuff said?

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